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You have a purpose. You are uniquely gifted

My name is Barbara; I am a natural born clairvoyant and trance-medium who has had the ability to communicate with spirit and non-ordinary beings since infancy. Yes you read that right – I clearly remember seeing and interacting with spirits in my crib as a baby! My life hasn’t been easy - actually quite the opposite - but my pain has birthed a career in assisting others in their healing, awakening, and evolution.

I have dedicated my life to educating and empowering my clients through readings, coaching, workshops, retreats, and women’s circles. If you are ready to heal all your broken pieces, find your purpose, or explore your gifts LET’S WORK TOGETHER! I look forward to co-creating an authentic and compassionate intuitive/healing experience while supporting you on your journey to wellness and freedom.


Find Guidance and Support

Barbara will guide you and support you through your spiritual journey.

Have your questions answered. Feel nourished. Create a foundation.

Learn to Heal Yourself


Own your space. Develop your gifts. Change your life.

Step into Your Power

Learn how to step into your power and find your voice with Barbara’s guidance and support.

Find your voice. Embrace your confidence. Empower yourself.



Barbara is a generational clairvoyant, healer, teacher, and women’s empowerment coach.


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